We create your pleasure

Shala center - we create your pleasure- is a 5 star sensual executive massage center in Lisbon. We are specialists in relaxation massage with strong sensual component.

We have created an exclusive and signature sensual massage, which combines the Nu and fusion of knowledge of millennial arts.


In exclusive and for you, we created the SHALA Massage



An advanced concept of signature massage, created for the purpose of sensual gratification and sensory pleasure in every way.


The irresistible and beautiful masseurs contribute to an unparalleled sensual experience even for the most demanding tastes.










We offer a sensual massage, infinitely pleasant and exquisitely sophisticated, Shala center Lisboa will seduce you forever with incredible service and reveal a new world of sensuality to explore and enjoy in all its splendor.



In our center and also in your home or your hotel room



Our exclusive Shala massage has been prepared to give you the best sensations, you will relax from the stress of everyday life and you will enjoy the pleasure of receiving the energies of beautiful and professional masseurs.

All our masseuses are professional, educated, intelligent and beautiful and have the purpose and the training to provide you with an incredible experience.


We do everything for your massage to be perfect


We guarantee that you will feel unique and we will provide you with an experience that will amaze you.

Check out a relaxing and sensual Shala massage. allow yourself to exclusive.


Talk to one of our Masseurs

 From Monday Saturday from 10.30am to 9pm

  in our center and also in your Hotel or address

Personalized massage for ladies, gentlemen, couples,

Massages 2 and 4 hands



From Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
in our center or in your Hotel or home
Personalized massage for ladies, gentlemen, couples
Massages 2 and 4 hands



Shala center, Lisbon 
 We create your pleasure 

Our center has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of sexual service or offer

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