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Shala center is proud to offer our esteemed clients a distinctive and high quality massage service


To further improve your experience, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.


  When reserving a massage with Shala center you understand, agree and accept the terms as below:


1. You are over 18 years old


2. At no time can you request the telephone or other contact from the masseur.


3. Make the payment as soon as the masseur arrives (oucall and in calls)


4. Do not use narcotics or excessive drinks


5. Always respect the orientations of the masseur


6. Stay passive, do not touch apart from the agreed upon with the masseur


7. Always respect the limits of the masseur


8. Important personal hygiene, be 100% clean


9.For travel, provide full name, address, and phone number


10.For the dislocations allow masseur to take a shower and should provide a clean towel



Shala center reserves the right at any time to refuse service to any person whose intent and behavior does not appear to comply with our policies.

Shala center unequivocally requests all our customers to respect and respect the limits and rules set out in the Terms of Service.


  Any behavior that violates the agreed Terms will result in an immediate and permanent ban on our services.


Shala center, Lisbon 
 We create your pleasure 

Our center has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of sexual service or offer

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